Rowena, Trebarvah, Perranuthnoe, Penzance, Cornwall. TR20 9NG


   My name is Christine Boston, Chris to my friends.

My home is on the Cornish coast in a little hamlet called Trebarvah which overlooks the village of Perranuthnoe.  With stunning views right across Mounts Bay and St Micheal's Mount its easy to see where my inspiration comes from.


I work with glass which i cut and shape by hand. The glass is then layered and heated in my kiln to anything between 600 and 800 degrees centigrade. I use several different techniques to get the finished piece from the flat sheets of glass to how i see it in my minds eye. Having successfully completed  a number of glass fusing and slumping projects, including dishes, coasters and wall plaques, my confidence has grown over the years as has my sense of adventure.  I love the variety and strength of the colours of the glass and the thrill when the final result is just how I imagined it should be. 

Many examples of my fused glass  projects are in the fused glass gallery which is my record of my work and much in the gallery has gone to new homes though some are for sale. The web site is not updated very often however any new work generally go's onto my Trebarvah Glass and Driftwood Facebook Page.