Welcome to my web site which is really my record of some of the driftwood and glass art i have made over the past few years. 

 What you see in both the driftwood gallery and the fused glass gallery are examples of my own work, the majority of which already have new homes. They are all hand made here in Cornwall.

  Sadly I no longer make any driftwood items other than to use with my glass work as i have chosen to concentrate on my fused glass. I have kept the driftwood photos on the site to remind me should i choose at some point to go back to it. Never say never they say.

If you see something in the fused glass gallery you really like and wish to commission a similar piece of work, or you have ideas of your own, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. 




Please note that the costs are relative to the size and complexity of the project and the type / colour of the glass used. The prices may therefore vary a little from the prices displayed in the galleries.  The postage and packaging is not included in the cost.